Wyssmüller®, the man, the brand

Who is William Wyssmüller, the Master Cheesemaker ?

“As a Master Cheesemaker of more than 25 years’ standing, my wish to create, innovate, share and get people together drives me constantly to come up with imaginative new ideas. 

As a Master Cheesemaker and producer, then an affineur and cheese merchant, I decided to bring together my experience, passion and energy to create a real emotional and gastronomic dynamic around Swiss cheese fondue. 

Combining my skills and passion are important to me and what I want to share with Switzerland and the rest of the world. These values are in the DNA of the Fondues Wyssmuller brand.

As all artists do, I work with passion when creating Fondues Wyssmuller and hope to contribute to your gourmet experience. Enjoyed anywhere with the people you love, share special times together with Fondues Wyssmuller and enjoy this extraordinary experience we call life!

W.Wyssmüller, Master Cheesemaker

A country, a terroir, a vision

Historically, the canton of Fribourg is the acknowledged centre of skills and expertise in cheese fondue in Switzerland. The terroir of the La Gruyère region in the canton has a rich history of farming and creating fabulous AOP cheeses. We produce our fondues in Bulle, in partnership with VAFSA SA and its centre of excellence in the production of grated cheeses.

Our brand works exclusively with cheese affineurs approved by interprofessional organisations, and all cheeses used in Fondues Wyssmüller® are selected by the Master Cheesemaker.

The values of the Fondues Wyssmüller® brand

A promise: excellence

For the Master Cheesemaker William Wyssmüller, founder of Fondues Wyssmüller®, excellence is not an objective, it’s an assumption. Each Wyssmüller® fondue is prepared by skilled artisans, with matured cheeses from the AOP production sectors or with semi-hard Fribourg cheese. The production of our fondues meets exacting quality standards and complies with strict requirements in terms of quality assurance, self-regulation and traceability.

In 2016, in Lyon, Wyssmüller® fondues were recognised by and received an award from the prestigious Gault & Millau Guide for the qualities of their flavours.

A vision: boldness

As the creator of a new “Fondue experience”, the Fondues Wyssrmüller® brand is shaking up, innovating and reinventing the traditional fondue. Guided by this spirit of innovation, its founding Master Cheesemaker is bringing in astonishing spices, seeking taste and the balancing of flavours with glorious wines in order to create something moving and memorable and truly unique.

The DNA of the Wyssmüller® brand: passion, perfectionism, excellence, commitment, competitiveness, boldness, respect, loyalty, creativity, gratitude, humility and appreciation. To be continued …

William Wyssmüller



Born in Bulle, son and grandson of farmers in Gruyère


Apprenticeship as a cheesemaker


Cheesemaking studies at the Grangeneuve Agricultural Institute


Swiss Federal qualification of Master Cheesemaker


Milk buyer and producer at the cheese dairy of Vuadens


Gold medal for his Gruyère AOP at the Swiss Cheese Awards

2007 – 2014

Stopped cheese production and set up the Fromageries Wyssmüller in Vevey, La Tour-de-Trême and Fribourg

2012 – 2013

Initial ideas and plan to create a Fribourg fondue brand

2014 – 2016

Development of the brand identity and its message


Recognition in Lyon, by Gault & Millau, of the gourmet quality of Fondues Wyssmüller®


Set up the company Les Fondues Wyssmüller® SA, creating several jobs


Promotion and spread of the Fondues Wyssmüller® brand throughout Switzerland and internationally


New visual identity and new logo. The company is becoming an exporter of its Swiss brand of cheese fondue. Setting-up, in partnership, of a Wine Bar and a Fondue Bar in New York, opening in September